18 definitions by jadio u no

I can't believe i'm the only person to search for this word. A woman welcome at any occassion. (except weddings perhaps)
I left my newlywed wife and took one of her bridesmaids up the scutter in the honeymoon suite. Filthy shagger I am.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
Just as Olympia was home to the Gods, the clitty is the home of all evil. Don't go there and disappoint, unless your tongue needs a workout.
My tongue teased her clitty, mm nice.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
A pot in which things are thrown. Especially jism.
The tosspot jismed everywhere and missed the tosspot.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
A beautiful place to rest ones head. Alternatively, two brown leathery objects that look like a couriers paniers.
I parted her labia with my manhood (& then wrote a letter to Men Only.)
by jadio u no August 14, 2003

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