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1. The fictional guy that gives a lot of people a way to discriminate against others and pretty much do whatever they want. He is often blamed for trajedies; otherwise known as a scapegoat. The religion based off him also gives many unstable people a way to handle the fact that science has not discovered the origin of every fucking little thing. This religion also has created a booming industry: anything from greeting cards, to bumper stickers, to churches who provide bums with jobs/an income they otherwise wouldnt have gotten (aka ministers). it is rumoured that "rome wasn't built in a day, but christianity was written in an hour" (thanks jimi)

2. Often used as a curse word much like, "fuck" or "shit"
1. "do you believe in evolution?"
"oh no, jesus/god created every little atom in the world!"
"get a grip, who the fuck would care enough to create the billions of atoms to make one idiot like you?"

2. "jesus christ! six flags over jesus is full of idiots!"
#also referred to as god #christ #the trinity #that guy #suicidal perfection
by jade eyes April 11, 2006
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