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2 definitions by jacuzzjobber

The act of dedicating a significant amount of time convincing a girl to come back to your room to hook up, but vomiting onto her moments before it happens. Rather than fuck, the night ends with the girl taking care of your drunk ass.
'I accidentally gave that girl a thanjob last night rather than hook up with her. Obviously, I had to murder her so that no one would know.'
by jacuzzjobber March 16, 2010
An act of oral sex performed in a jacuzzi, usually but not exclusively performed between consenting adult humans. There are two variants-jacujoo is an above water jacuzzjob, while submergejob is one performed with the givers' head underwater.
I would rather have sex with a platypus than an eagle because of the potential to receive a jacuzzjob
by jacuzzjobber March 16, 2010