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The fear of; listening to, enduring, or dealing with the repercussions of having a drinking buddy called josh.
After these last few years, I've really started to experience dreadful joshaphobia.
by Jackthehat January 17, 2013
The art of spilling one's sexual mustard onto his thumb after a session of masturbation.
I ran out of tissues after I had a wank lastnight, I couldn't wipe off my thumb cum!!
by jackthehat June 28, 2011
1. A status of extreme success, the 2nd highest rank of a man among men, placed only below the status of Chuck Norris.

2. Unlimited points added to the team's score in any competitive activity. Gaining a tropperwaffle will result in an instant end to the game and the team with Tropperwaffle will be announced as winners, with no consequences.
1. Guy 1: 'Did you see Chuck Norris kill that bear with his own two hands?!' Guy 2: 'Yeah, I heard the bear had Tropperwaffle though, he put up a good fight.'

2. Commentator: 'Harry Potter just caught the snitch, he gains tropperwaffle and GRYFFINDOR WINS!!'
by jackthehat July 01, 2011

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