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4 definitions by jackpot

1. Any free or extra goods, usually given to employees or workers.

2. Low grade marijuana

3. A rock & roll band based in St. Louis, Missouri
1. The whole crew got shirts and other schwag after loading the band's gear.

2. This schwag won't get me high, but I keep trying.
by JackPot February 17, 2005
A beautiful, sweet armenian girl whose cooler than ice (?)
Umm i have no idea what to say
by jackpot January 09, 2005
Originated in Morrisville right outside of Trenton.
A blounde smut. She thinks it is a compliment because she likes muffins.
the smart one: "ur a smut muffin"
the blonde: "oh thanks for the compliment, i love muffins.
by Jackpot September 09, 2004
it means straight up, or yeah
Yo, look at that guys body, ain't it ripped?
fo sure
by Jackpot September 12, 2004