3 definitions by jacko999

slang term used to mean good, great, awesome, amazing, brilliant, mint, class
"did you see how negly tom delong was at the last gig?"
"that night was negly as"
"that looks proper negly"
by jacko999 April 22, 2008
Where a man is masterbating in front of his computer with one hand on the mouse and one hand on his cock hence making a teapot shape
my hands are red raw after all that teapotting last night
by jacko999 March 11, 2009
word used for a group of things. used in the same way as stuff
"so i was walking around carrying all this jizz"
"i threw all this jizz out"
"so we were out doing all this jizz"
by jacko999 April 25, 2008

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