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Is a self proclaimed internet celebrity from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia that says he is the king of classiness. He gets mad when you call him scene even though if you google him that's all that comes up. He got famous for making out with Jeffree Star on youtube, but he took it down after a week, due to gaining more haters than fans. He's infamous for writing blogs about how scene kids are poseurs and everybody mocks his "old" and new styles now. It is rumored that he dated kiki kannibal.
Scenegirlxcore: OMG!! Have you seen Cody Kardashian? He is so scene!!!

XXXbuttxplugXXX: Yeahhh! But don't call him that, i did and he cussed me out, then blocked me from his myspace.

Scenegirlxcore: Oh?! I heard about that... what an ass...
#cody kardashian #jeffree star #kiki kannibal #scene #youtube
by jackiexunstoppable July 03, 2009
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