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the coolest character in www.homstarrunner.com with a speech impediment. of course, he's the coolest next to Stwong- i mean strong bad
Homestar: Hello, and welcome to
pompter dude: Psst. It's .com
Homestar: Oh yeah, wight. "It's dot com!"
Prompter dude: augh... cut!
by Jackie November 10, 2003
he who has balls that are large
did you see his phatty ballz? therye huge
by jackie January 22, 2004
the female version: never one to turn down a drink,always throwing parties, and always begging her lame brother to party with her
Damn Somodi! You're drunk again?
Damn Somodi, if I need to pick your drunk butt up one more time...
by Jackie January 28, 2003
When a man is sticking his dick in a womans virgina she screams oooh yeah.
oooh yeah baby harder.
by Jackie February 22, 2005
1)To be shouted at random
2)To be used when describing multiple virgins
J: So, Laura, how was your weekend?
L: It was great! I went (D: VIRGINITYE) Virginitye!
by Jackie January 10, 2005
THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!an awesome show about rich kids in orange county that face alot of problems and make you wish you lived there
kid: do you wanna do someting thursday nite??
coolkid: no!! im watching the oc only the geatest show ever!
by jackie March 23, 2005
The name of the hottest person ever to live.
Ooooh, that Jacalin is so fine!
by Jackie January 18, 2005
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