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79 definitions by jackie

An evil sidekick or servant
Lets go my minion or minions away!!!
by Jackie October 13, 2004
332 322
Noun. Red Headed Tennis Player
Origins: ATNW forum
Dude, RHTP is so 1337!
by jackie June 07, 2004
18 9
Like a Greasy Sanchez except when a girl wipes the sweat from her snatch on a guys upper lip.
Amelia gave him a Greasy Rosita and he spent all day licking his upper lip!
by jackie June 10, 2003
9 2
Internet Sexual Predator Crab
Origins: ATNW
Someone post the ISPC!!!!
by jackie June 07, 2004
7 1
A word used to describe a porn video that slutty pop singers make to attract a young teenage audience. Such porn videos are called "pop" videos, but the latter two are synonymous.
by Jackie February 15, 2003
10 5
a white guy who likes to think he is black and acts gangsta when really hes just a pale-ass dorkus that sits on his butt all day playing nintendo
alys brother shayne being blazed
by jackie March 28, 2005
9 5
Anyone from Shenendehowa HS knows that the fridge is 'a place to go sit and chill'
Hurry, up, Danny said he'd meet us at the fridge!
by Jackie December 07, 2004
41 37