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79 definitions by jackie

a girl or bird who talks too much with too much common slang
"allright kidda laaaaaaaaaar"
"alright lid"
by jackie July 11, 2004
to leave a place.
lets jiggle
by jackie January 11, 2004
1) An insult given to one who is rather unintelligent.
2) A piece of silverware use to eat with.
3) An object used to dig the spagma from ones foreskin.
Stop being such a fucking spoon.
by Jackie November 01, 2003
Wauwatosa West High School in Wauwatosa, WI
Go T-dub
by Jackie October 30, 2003
get up, move
Gup, you're in my seat.
by jackie July 17, 2003
i could fuck johnny all day if that is possible.....just looking at him makes me horny ;)hes got a nice ass may i add....very sexy. i love him
if johnny walked into my room....right now....i would run up to him and caress him....i would caress him all day and all night....and u kno what that means
by Jackie December 19, 2003
an extremely hot 17 year old you is on the wb show summerland and sings some kind of lame songs but is still really hot
me- omg i love jesse mccartney he is soo hot!!
friend- ya but his songs suck
me- ya but he is really hot and i lvoe summerland
by jackie February 06, 2005