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2 definitions by jackhole mcgilicutty

A mans Schlong that blows away anything that John Holmes had going on. A mix between a Megaladon and a huge Schlong also known as the Dave Tedesco!
"When Jane dropped his drawers she screamed at the size of his megaladong!"
by jackhole mcgilicutty May 09, 2006
Distant retarded cousin of Dirty Sanchez, while having sex with a girl doggy style one places one's finger in her rectum and instead of wiping the finger under her nose one wipes it under there own nose.
"Man I got this hot chick in the sack last night and I was hammered, I mean hammered, and as I was shaggin her from the backside I tried to bust the ol' Dirty Sanchez but she was so good I pulled an Edwardo Retardo and sniffed if myself!!"
by jackhole mcgilicutty May 09, 2006