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It is a common name for small Asian girl usually with British accent. A Pear loves everything that is British-related. A Pear tends to be very organized and always has her life planned ahead on her Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A usual Pear is very smart and hygienic only for her belongings. A pear goes sleep with shoes and socks on if it is not her own bed. However, conclusively, A Pear is such a very lovely person who wants everybody gathering around and spending quality time together.
A: Hi, my name is Pear
B: Hiii!, nice to meet you Par,

A: No.....!!!! My name is Pear- P- E-A-R - - PEAR, it's a kind of fruit.
B: WOW that's really cool! your name is so interesting! By the way, do you have Australian accent? . .. .
A: . . . .(I'm so gutted)
by jackfruitlovelovecherry December 05, 2011
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