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When you go on twitter and look at people's followers, clicking on one of them, and then again on one of their followers, and so on, ad infinitum. For men this primarily takes the form of clicking on what looks like the hottest girl in the tiny little pictures of twitter followers.

Cf. also twitter creep, twitter creeper, and related usages.
"Look at this unbelievable babe."

"Dude, you're twitter creeping again!"

#twitter #facebook creeping #facebook creep #facebook creeper #social networking
by jackfelldown January 22, 2011
A "worker drone" is a man who accepts the social role of working full time for an income that he will give away to a woman or to support his family. His intention isn't necessarily altruistic, but in practice his actions become self-denying to the point of nihilism. This social role is strongly distinct from the "alpha male" and largely coincides with the "wage slave" and "beta provider." The term comes from the role of drones in a bee hive.
"Bill used to be a lot of fun until he married Cecelia; how he's just a worker drone."

"Promise you'll shoot me if I ever become a worker drone."
#beta provider #alpha male #wage slave #henpecked husband #bees
by jackfelldown October 10, 2013
Abbreviation for "Queer Theory," a subdivision of critical theory taking an LGBT perspective as its point of departure.
I just got a degree in Q-Theory. You wouldn't believe the coursework assignments!
#critical theory #feminist theory #lgbt #gender identity #post-structuralism
by jackfelldown January 07, 2011
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