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Krunk-mas is a magical time of the year. On the night of December 25, after he has finished delivering presents, Santa gets really hammered and then smokes a nice fatty blunt. After he is completely belligerent, he starts to wander the North Pole in search of some fine elf pussy. The night is a blacked out orgy of drugs and alcohol filled with Christmas cheer. Eventually, out of pure exhaustion, Santa passes out in the snow next to a pile of his own vomit. As he stares up into the dark December sky, He musters up the courage to utter one last statement before he looses consciousness: "Merry Krunk-mas to all, now get fucked up and high!"
Fred: Merry Krunk-mas Jim! I got you a new bong!

Jim: Thanks Fred, I cant wait to light this up and then throw back some brews around the Krunk-mas tree!
by jackdstone December 07, 2011

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