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A person of the male or female gender who is very hideous and unpleasingly unattractive,these people are to be avoided at all costs,not even worth a one night stand or to be even paid for having sex with them,if someone does they'll find it quite hard to get rid of these people.
guy#1:Look over there at that girl guy#2 god she's really busted. guy#3 Ah,if you got drunk enough you'd hit it. guy#1 I would die of alcohol poisioning before I got drunk enough to hit it. guy#1&3 laugh histerically.
by jackalack June 24, 2007
A cop-out used by women and men when they're not interested in the opposite sex.
Guy:why haven't you called,I've left messages along with my phone# and you never call me back. Woman:I'm sorry I've been crazy busy I don't have time for anything else.=In reality she's just letting him down easily,If she were interested she would make time,There's 168 hours in a week and she can't make time to call him and talk for 15 minutes?
by Jackalack November 25, 2007

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