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A large town in the middle of cheshire which has enough peeps living in it it should be a town. Its neighbours are Winsford & Northwhich which also have rubbish football teams although at least Crewe are in league 1, which is a shame because they could do so much better and being from Winsford i have sympothy for them (even though im a Man Utd. fan.)Crewe, Winsford & Northwhich are useless towns though.
Crewe beat Blackpool 5-0. Crewe lost to Manchester United 4-0, Crewe beat Liverpool agin 2-0.
by jack_1994 October 01, 2006
The best football team in the world!!! They have the biggest and best stadium in England and also have the best players.
Manchester United beat liverpool 4-0
by jack_1994 September 30, 2006
A rich company who sponsors the best team in the world
AIG are the best insurance company ever
by jack_1994 September 30, 2006
The worst English team who do badly in the premiership and are sponsored by the worst drinks company ever. Their manager is Spanish and doesnt have a clue about football. They buy the worst players ever and also have the worst goalie (Jose Reina).
Tottenham 9-0 liverpool, Manchester united 99999999999-0 liverpool.
by jack_1994 September 30, 2006

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