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The way things currently are, the status quo.
"As is, we're already struggling to make ends meet. If you lose you're job, we'll be doomed"

"I'm fine with the festival line-up as is, any more bands will just be icing on the cake"
by Jack324 May 23, 2008
Any advertisements used to sway public opinion against marijuana, a non-lethal, non-addictive, soft drug. Usually seen in the same commercial breaks as ads for beverages containing alcohol, a hard drug which often leads to addiction, broken families, fatalities, liver disease and fetal alcohol syndrome.
(TV ad #1)
If you smoke pot, even once, you will:
* die
* lose friends
* become addicted
* suffer from poor grades
* shoot your friend

(TV ad #2)
If you drink our beer, even once, you will:
* get laid
* look cool
* have a fantastic time
* be the life of the party
* make friends

Annoyed stoner: Hey! That's potaganda!
by Jack324 November 12, 2007
when you've got the perfect buzz in beirut, so you're more relaxed about making shots, but not so drunk that you miss them all.
"Joe and I totally dominated in beer pong last night! We were in the groove, but the other guys were tanked."
by Jack324 April 08, 2007
at whatever such time is deemed suitable for all parties involved.
"Hey, Marky, when are we hitting up the bars?"
"Whenever's cheddar, my dude."
by Jack324 December 27, 2008
quarters; so named because students often need quarters for laundry and vending machines.
"It's not that I'm too lazy to do laundry, it's just that I haven't got enough of that college gold."
by Jack324 November 03, 2007
Someone who can't get enough of cybersex. A portmanteau of the words internet and nymphomaniac.
Tom: My girlfriend lives far away, but she's insatiable. Every night she demands at least an hour of cyber sex
Dick: Damn, nigga!
Harry: What an internymph!
by Jack324 June 15, 2007
A variation of shucks. Used to express mild to moderate disappointment, but with a cute twist on it.
"Hey, Alexandra, I'm sorry but I can't come to your birthday party on Saturday."
"Really? Aww, shuckleberries."
by Jack324 January 14, 2009
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