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3 definitions by jack swaggah

Information you can get about someone without paying extra, via google, facebook, mysoace, etc.
i found out she was dating someone by your basic over the counter info.....facebook status.
by jack swaggah July 27, 2010
1. A pathetic imitaion of martial arts. 2. A drunken version of something previously seen in a martial arts film and then attempted in real combat.
We got into with this guy at the bar and your boy busted out his fake-fu. He slipped in a puddle of beer trying to do a flying kick..
by jack swaggah June 18, 2009
Any injury occuring while enjoying oneself, e.g. bumping your head on the headboard, a sunburn from sitting at the beach, skateboarding accidents, poor sense of smell due to cocaine use...
Dude #1 - 'so she left scratch marks on you?'

Dude #2 - 'yeah, but it's a good times-related injury, i'll live...'
by jack swaggah July 10, 2010