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in poker' Three Kings'

referring to shakespeare's MacBeth, King duncan
He took the pot wi' a prial of Ghosts
by jack moran December 14, 2007
very hard worker,dedicated to his work. almost singularly attached to a leading bricklayer.
referring to the strongest,most willing carthorse put in front of a team with a bell for the others to follow.
See him, he's a right Bellhorse'
by jack moran December 14, 2007
Childrens hoop, motor car, girlfriend
originally a gird was a hoop or bicycle wheel driven by a stick (a lot of fun), later transposed to meaning a car,( no' a bad wee gird") It is often used as an unsentimental compliment regarding a girl.
" She's a nice wee gird"
by jack moran December 14, 2007
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