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A phrase meaning "It's nothing to worry about" from the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever
John: Nooo I got a 93 on that last test which drops my average to a 96!

Tim: John, it's nothing to get hung about when you consider you still have the highest average in the class.
by jack butler505 May 13, 2011
a derogatory term for the baseball team Philadelphia Phillies
I'm a huge Mets fan, I hope we beat the Philthies tonight
by jack butler505 April 06, 2011
the opposite of "my bad." It can be said to compliment yourself after you've made a smart move or it can be said after someone has thanked you.
Friend: Staying home and watching football instead of going to the mall was a good move.

You: Yeah, my good.

Friend: Thanks for refilling my water bottle for me

You: My good
by jack butler505 October 21, 2011
the inability to sleep on a Sunday night because you were out late the past two nights partying/hanging out and now you have to go to bed much earlier for work/school the next morning
"I only got 4 hours of sleep last night....I went to bed at 11 but Sunday night insomnia kept me awake forever
by jack butler505 March 03, 2011
Used instead of "fuck you" and means the same thing, based on the popular song by C-Lo Green.
Steve: "Hey man, nice shirt, what have you had that since you were like 5?"

Matt: "Forget you! This shirt is legendary."
by jack butler505 April 04, 2011
When someone leaves themselves logged in on facebook so you leave a prank status, and then you log out and immediately sign in as yourself and like the status, showing that you were the one who made it up.
Carl was the first one to like Frank's status about wanting to have sex with Justin Bieber, so I knew he was the one who came up with that great idea. It was his "I done it" like
by jack butler505 May 12, 2011
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