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To get fucked up by someone or something.

From the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Dude, you got japped.
by Jack Burton October 02, 2004
Having sex with two members of the opposite sex.
This past weekend in Chicago I had a 3 way the good way with two exchange students from Sweden.
by Jack Burton October 02, 2004
short for mad shit attack.

When you have a sudden and urgent need to take a shit.
I had an MSA while walking to the bar the other day, so I went in someones backyard and wiped with an old newpaper.
by Jack Burton October 02, 2004
When someone is dressed like a scum bag or like white trash, they are dressed "3rd world".
Dude, you look so 3rd world.
by jack burton October 10, 2004
A game that partners play in bed. They both stick their heads under the covers and one of them farts. The first one to come up for air is the loser.
Me and my bitch turtled lst night.
I lost. She had mexican forlunch.
by jack burton March 27, 2005

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