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First of all, someone already said that it originates from chatham in kent. I myself have the diespleasure of living in Chatham, so i know wat i'm talking about. Dumb. thats what a chav is. a dumb stupid sheep who follws the fashion sense of a drunk because his crack-dealing dad and his prozzie mum can afford the bling and the burberry. for some reason they think they should be worshipped as gods due to their dangerously angled hats. can be referred to as "scallies" "kevs" and sometimes "townies".

Clean up britain. Kill a chav today.
+ I iz not a chav mate, innit?
+ i'm not your mate
by jack bean November 21, 2004
that really ugly, fat-assed for-some-reason-really-successful stuck up "singer" bitch. why do people fancy her? no-one knows. but obviousy she emits some sort of marriage scent, that traps any man in the 10 metre vicinity. Scientists predict that by the year 2027, J Lo will have been out with, or married every man who lives in a hospitable part of the world, bar 4. and they are the 4 underground gays that have had to flee because of the homosexual cleansing issued by George Bush. Yes. He's still president in 2027. God help us. God help us all.
- oh my god, J Lo's ass is so big! and she's so ugly, and fat, and untalented, and really really dumb.
- (J Lo) hey man, wanna marry me?
- must...resist...musn't...die...AGHHH!
by Jack Bean December 03, 2004
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