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Slang,What you might call a close friend. used like the word buddy or pal.not the traditional definition. OR, a reference to girls or women that might, or might not be actual women for hire.What i always call my friend Bill X when i see him, and he responds in the same fashion.
Jack: Yo hooker ! whats going on ?
Bill: nothing much hooker what about you ?

Lotsa hookers in this bar good call coming here.
by jack the wack May 10, 2008
description, explanation, When someone or something gets hit in the head or other part of the body in an extremely violent fashion it resembles the head shot J.F.K. took when he was assasinated. It would also most of the time but not always catch the person or thing totally by surprise. way way worse then a donkey punch. a shockingly large noticeable scar, mark, or injury, where a person seeing it could not ignore it,and might comment or ask questions about it.
hey bro, i was watching kimbo slice on youtube the other day, he hit this poor bastid in the head like a "Kennedy bullet" looked like his eye exploded in the socket ! !

Jack: Dude, whats that big red mark on your cheek ?
Steve: aww man , i had a zit there and i fucked with it and it got all fucked up ! !
Jack: holy shit man, looks like you got hit with a kennedy bullet !

by jack the wack June 27, 2008
The art,(it is truely an art!)of keeping the cooler organized,free of water and full of ice and consumables. re-stocking the cooler with beverage as needed and making sure none of them are warm or skunky.
jack: on our yearly trip to englishtown i usually do the "cooler maintenance" we all bring beers.
ryan: dude, i'll bring copious amounts of meat for the grill
phil: i'll bring my garmin and i'll try not to throw up
scott: ummm, yeah, wow, i can't go guys, sorry. but if i do go i'll bring two 36 packs of brew.
bob: i'll bring my breathing machine. and tell fuck stories.
jay: i'll try not to bang any under age girls, nugggah ! !
by jack the wack June 26, 2008
Drippy Wet Vagina- when a friend is being real cunty about something that normal people usually don't get cunty about, unless they are on the rag and trying to be difficult.
Jack: Hey scott, want to go to la ruana for lunch today?
Scott: I don't know, i gotta hit the cash machine and get some money. and who's gonna drive ? and well i'm not really that hungry yet. so ummm yeah, i don't know
Jack: dude, why are you such a DWV today? gimme a break, here's a tampon ! mutha fuka please ! !
by jack the wack February 03, 2009
A text message hand job is when you are getting the "run around" from friends or family thru text messages. When you call no one answers or the reception is said to be very bad or they are in a dead zone.
Tom: hey billy,I tried texting todd and sue to see what they are doing tonite, but they text back they aren't sure, todds gonna check with sue, and then sue told me she's gotta check with todd. typical saturday night text message hand job !
billy: fuck them man! lets get some bank and hit the strip club, nothing but real handjobs going on there !
Tom: Hells Yeah ! !
by jack the wack February 03, 2009
When a person male or female intentionally licks another male or female's face while a picture is being taken and uses it as a profile picture on facebook
Jack- Rachel, how many licktims do you have now ? ?

Rachel- I have several, a few of my baby's daddy's and I think one with Kate and one with Maria.

Jack- wow, thats kinda messed up, why not just a nice picture ?

Rachel- hey moe fuggah, cause thats how Rachy rolls ! !

Maria- She liked my face like a fuckin labrodor ! WTF ! !

Christie- Hell kid that's just Rachy being Rachy !

Kate- Ummm, yeah, anybody want to buy a didlo ? ? anyone ? ? ?

Brenduh- Which one of you fucks took my kids sponge bob hat ! ! It's not funny. You guys suck ! !
by jack the wack November 03, 2010
Gash heavy is a crude term used to describe the patrons of a bar. If the bar has a lot of males in it, the term sausage party might be used. When a bar or club has a lot of females of legal age the term gash heavy would be used.
Big bob: dude get here quick ! , this place is gash heavy !

scott: how was the club last night Bob ?

Big Bob: Gash heavy man !

I guess i picked a bad time for reconstructive mangina surgery ! !
by jack the wack March 22, 2010

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