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A sports athlete groupie. Someone (usually a chick) who loves to have sex with sports athletes.
A SportSlut who charges money is a "Sportstitute".
by Jack Bozdog August 03, 2006
Erectilly Disfunctional penis.
I tried to fuck Sally, but, I drank so much that I got an ED johnson.
by Jack Bozdog June 07, 2006
(1) aka William Jefferson Clinton, aka Bill Clinton, aka Mr. Hillary Clinton, aka Billary Clinton. Former USA president, between George Bush and George W. Bush.

(2) A dumbass who smokes pot WITHOUT inhaling! What's the point?

(3) Someone who uses cigars (and joints?) to dip into and suck up pussy juice.
When I'm fucking, my Willy Clinton is between two Bushes.
by Jack Bozdog June 24, 2006
The #1 why beans are so popular as a camping food...
...is that they create the self-heating sleeping bag at night!
by Jack Bozdog November 27, 2006
When you need to wear hearing protection, but you don't.
A J Foyt is almost deaf because he drove racecars for 20 years earguardless.
by Jack Bozdog June 05, 2006
A very hard and erect penis.
I got a woody johnson just looking at that elevator chick over there!
by Jack Bozdog June 07, 2006
A guy who seems gay, but isn't.
PETER: Joe ax like a total fag, butt, he's married. Is he bisexual?

BOBBY: I think he's just a faux 'mo', you know, a fem man.
by Jack Bozdog June 05, 2006
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