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When out of habit you reply to a comment with "You too". This happens to the best of us.
Two common situations of the Involuntary "You Too"

Girl: Well happy birthday man. Have fun at Sea World tomorrow.
Guy: Thanks, you too.
**uncomfortable silence**

Parent: Drive safe and have fun.
Son: Ok you too.
**uncomfortable silence**
by Jace555 May 08, 2009
Same principle as the Involuntary "You Too", this is when out of habit you say I love you as you hang up the phone. This causes great embarrassment, but it happens to everyone sometimes.
Perfect example of the Involuntary "I Love You"

Boss: Ok well good work Cindy. I'll see you at the meeting this afternoon.
Cindy: Ok Mr. Smith. Love you, bye.
**uncomfortable silence**
by Jace555 May 08, 2009
A Florida suburb, about 20 minutes outside of Orlando and slightly cheaper to live in than Orlando. If you aren't rich enough or are too scared to live in Orlando-the murder capitol of the state-you move to Altamonte Springs, aka "The Springs" to the locals (esp. the local teens/kids). If there is a right place in all of the Orlando metropolitan area, Altamonte Springs is it. Positioned in the geographic heart of Central Florida, Altamonte Springs provides a solid base of white collar personnel and support services with the convenience of a location that virtually eliminates the daily challenge of commuting to work. Altamonte Springs boasts a dynamic mix of fine retail establishments, hotels, upscale offices, commercial space, abundant restaurants, and housing in all price ranges. In addition to single-family and multi-family homes nestled in lakeside and tree-shaded communities, Altamonte Springs is located in one of the more affluent areas of Central Florida. The City’s current population for 2009-2010 is 43,243.
The 6 largest Retail Centers in the City:
-The Altamonte Mall
-The Marketplace @ Altamonte
-West Town Corners
-Renaissance Center
-Oak Grove Shoppes
-Altamonte Crossing
"Dude, there's nothing to do!"
"I know. If we wanna find a party or something we gotta get out of The Springs. Let's head for Orlando."
"Are you crazy? You wanna leave Altamonte Springs to go to Orlando! Unless we go straight to Disney World, we'll get shot!"
by Jace555 March 22, 2009
When you are so bored in the bathroom, you begin to read the labels on the backs of the toiletries and cleaning supply bottles just to pass the time.
Giovanni was in the bathroom yesterday and after half an hour he got such a bad case of labelreaderitus, he began to read the back of the Lysol can.
by Jace555 May 19, 2009
A temporary fit of anxiety. This is a very common affliction caused when you send a message to someone on MySpace when you see they are online, then sit and wait for them to respond. After a couple of minutes you open your Sent Mail and see that it is still Unread. You have now entered the Unread Online Syndrome. You sit there hoping beyond hope that the message gets opened before he/she logs off, because if not, then who knows how long till the person logs back in. You refresh the page every couple seconds. You check your Inbox anyways, making sure that it isn’t a glitch saying it’s Unread when it’s really not. You begin to feel panic. “Is he/she gonna see that there’s a new message before logging?!?” There is no escape. You have been infected with Unread Online Syndrome and the only cures are if the person finally opens the message or just logs off.
Joey got sick last night. He was on MySpace and for 3 hours he suffered from Unread Online Syndrome before Angel finally wrote him back. But by then it was too late and he was convulsing on the floor.
by Jace555 May 05, 2009
The place to get the best tasting cookies in the country, including Original Chocolate Chip, M&M, Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Double Fudge, Pecan Supreme, and many more. They also sell brownies, cookie cakes and cookie cake slices, Double Doozies, and some locations sell cupcakes and Icees. They are way better than their competitors Nestle. At one time owned by Mrs. Fields and now owned by NexCen, Great American Cookies became an instant retail phenomenon in 1977 when the first store opened in Atlanta, Georgia’s Perimeter Mall. Founded on the strength of a generations-old family chocolate chip cookie recipe, the company eventually set the standard for gourmet cookie sales in shopping centers nationwide. Their mission statement is simply: "Share the Fun of Cookies."
Kid at the Altamonte mall: "Yo I only got a couple bucks and I'm hungry..."
Friend: "Let's go get cookies from Great American Cookies. They're pretty cheap and they taste great."
by Jace555 May 02, 2009
"Oh my stinking hell/heck"
Something teenage girls or guys with no life seem to really enjoy saying. Usually only heard by people who think they're cool, but are really not. This is very popular on MySpace, FaceBook, online games, or other things like that.
Comment on YouTube: "OMSH, that vid was so cool!"
Reply comment: "Are you a 13yr old girl?"
Kid on WoW: "OMSH, I just killed some Alliance guy who was 7 lvl's higher than me! I'm so 1337"
Guy on WoW: "Wow, you should just log and never come back."
by Jace555 April 05, 2009
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