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Someone who has a neck that looks like a wang.
You got a cockneck.
by Jabobo March 21, 2004
Someone who rocks, alot.
Also, A mix between 1: JABO, German term for a Fighter-Bomber, then we have, BOBO, which is spanish for stupid.

So, all in all, It means a Rocking, Spanish, Stupid, Fighter-Bomer.
I am Jabobo.
by Jabobo March 21, 2004
Someone who loves to "enter" another persons "anus". Much like that of a homo's thumb. This person is most generally a moron, and homosexual.
Basil and Saladorm are both Fuckthumbs, because they're gay and stupid!
by Jabobo March 20, 2004
a dick with a rod sticking out of it??
james karr is a dickrod
by jabobo August 18, 2003
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