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A young lady with an aversion to salad, someone with glandular problems. Looks like burnt lego after the "Ugly Toybox" fire of 1998.

Any woman who has rebuffed your advances.
"That Vanessa Feltz, what a hippocrocopig... my nizzle etc."
by Jabo January 16, 2004
To engage in a solitary bout of onanism, to punish percy in the palm. To ask for a date with Mrs Palm's five lovely daughters.
"Ey up son, gonna chuck one off while I watch?"

"Sod off Mr Jackson."
by Jabo January 16, 2004
i killed bill
they call him.......the sominator
by jabo June 10, 2004
Can be used to express cynical disbelief or scepticism when an offer seems too good to be true.
"One day son, all this will be yours, and a big tin bucket full of airmiles too."

by Jabo January 19, 2004
A versatile expression capable of adopting any other meaning from context. A metasyntactic variable if you will.
"Oy Tezric, pass me that... er... linkmy off the shelf."
by Jabo January 16, 2004
A word like tezric for somebody's name, but usually someone a bit cleverer
"Got any snout, Gazric?"
by Jabo January 15, 2004
Take a tartar, a dump, a crap.
My friend always used this term, for more than 20 years. His Irish family used the term. It's one of those that when you hear it used, you know exactly what it means. I never thought to ask where he got it. Maybe from Steak Tartare?
by jaBo December 08, 2013
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