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yous a lying son of a bitch
"yo dog remember that chick i left the club with last nite i popped and got dome". Is that rite! well she got home pretty fast cause i was there with her sister".now how that happen when you left at 3am she came in at 3:10 she live rite round da dam coner
by jab December 21, 2003
The biggest Redneck town of the south that everyone wants to leave but knows deep down the will come back. Consists of a Sonic, Walmart, and Ci-Ci's pizza. For fun the youths of the area drink or walk around the walmart.
All i have to say is "Ro Rap" sucks
by JAB April 23, 2005
dress shoes which most of the time make you slide
dude1.. you dog what is the drees code for that jump off.
dude2.. oh yeah thas a scooby doo jump off yeah you got to put it down
by jab December 23, 2003
An evil conspiracy. It makes women's breasts bigger, makes them more attracted to MEN and induces infertility.
When I went on the pill I went from a C cup to a D cup and started being less attracted to girls and more attracted to men. My friend waasn't so lucky and lost all interest in girls after going on the pill.
by Jab December 31, 2004
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