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6 definitions by ja-ha

to engage in an aggressive or intense argument.
" Man I just got in a bawng with that Italian guy over there about the economy,babadapoopie."
by ja-ha January 09, 2009
a chocolate coffee frappucino.
I would like a coffoclatacino.
by ja-ha January 08, 2009
an offer but instead of giving someone the thing you offered you tell them to go get it and are simply recognizing the presence of the item
guy 1:hey would you like something to drink
guy 2: yes, I would like a water
guy 1: well then go get it yourself
guy 2: I hate a getfer babadapoopie
by ja-ha April 25, 2009
a response used as I do not want to and No

Peter: Hey do you want to go canoeing
John: Erh-shma its raining
by ja-ha April 30, 2009
-one who is born without married parents.

-it is used in a more vulgar manner than bastard.

-the killer of kenny.

-instead of bass-tard

that guy is a basshit.

you killed kenny,you basshit.
by ja-ha January 10, 2009
a word to use when you are pissed off at an Italian. a curse word
The Italian guy said,"Since you are American I will increase the price of the pizza from $10.00 to $17.99."

The American was pissed and said,"babadapoopie"
by ja-ha January 08, 2009