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Any number of English people whose parents thought "We'll give you the most pompous name we can!"
(in an upper-class English accent) Oh yes Horatio, tally ho!, pip pip, good show, chap!
by ja March 30, 2003
A term that is an agreement to anything. Also known as fasho, fosho, oh fo sho.
I'm dipping fasho.
by Ja December 09, 2002
Chris Eldredge
Lunch box put a hole through his wall following the Viking's loss.
by ja September 01, 2003
Sexually pleasuring yourself or somebody else.
Hey bitch, we twerkin tonite?
by ja December 10, 2002
See Slapper,

Mature woman who enjoys frequent dirty shaggin'.
"look at that old battle axe, she walks like a cowboy"
by JA November 13, 2003

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