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Spanish slang for "damnit," "shit," or "fuck." Heard in scarface dozens of times.
Tony Montana: "Coño...fuck!"
by Justin March 09, 2005
The back and forth movement of an erectile penis moving back and forth "in and out" of a girl's vagina; it usually is a repeated movement when it comes to sex and pleasure for the lady.
Its nothing special, they're just doing the old in out, in out.
by Justin February 20, 2004
1. To be intoxicated off any alcohol.
2. Just started drinking.
How ever which way you think you sound cool, use it.

I first heard this word from my sisters ex after he got outa the pin after 2 years, I ask myself why in the fuck would dey be using that word up in der? Don't get me wrong, its pretty coo 2 use.
Simple example - You pervin?
2. Ay yo dog nuts, you pervin?
by Justin August 29, 2004
sexual arousal by your partner's tears
Because of my dacryphilia, I couldn't help myself at my girlfriend's grandma's funeral.
by Justin December 28, 2003
A somewhat derogitive term used for Mercenaries, or soldiers for hire. Generally describes ex-soldiers and/or combat experts that offer either direct service or military training in exchange for currency.

Such individuals have been employed; as a supplemental force to the U.S. Military in Iraq and Aghanistan, to train Military and Terrorist groups alike, and in some cases to engage in military actions that a country's own military cannot, as was the case in Rwanda.

Such individuals or groups can employ their skills for good(as in Rwanda), or bad(as in training Al Qaeda recruits).
Can't think of an example.
by Justin July 16, 2005
1)Anything that attracts the opposite sex.
2)An alcoholic drink consisting of Malibu rum, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice
1)She was feelin my pimp juice...
2)I'll take a pimp juice
by Justin March 14, 2004
A mustache.
The faggot swept off the cock he sucked with his dick broom.
by justin January 19, 2003

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