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Widely accepted as a term for a chill, non-uptight Asian person who is skilled in martial arts. Usually also brings with it honor and prosperity.
Citizen 1: Yo dawg you seen that weird Jinch guy around?

Citizen 2: Dude, don't talk about him like that. I heard he knows mad kung fu.
by jDubz February 09, 2012
After performing a Moroccan Mudslide, the woman will stand on her head, and the man funnels his own vomit back in to the womans ass and then packs in at least an ounce of cocaine. he then snorts out some cocaine, and then calls a male midget stripper. the stripper pleases the woman with a phone covered in hot sauce, while the man sits in the corner and beats off to aniaml planet. the woman then stands up,and the remaing cocaine, vomit and hot sauce is caught dripping out of her ass in a pot. This is performed by every lunch lady at your school, and the cocaine shit hot sauce vomit semen mixture is then used in another sexual act called The Sloppy Joe.
lunchlady:i love texas chilibowls
Midget: you and your husband are fucking weird
by JDubz October 23, 2006
This is to graphic to describe, but it involves the leftover fluid from a texas chili bowl, a possum (dead or alive), a wooden dildo, your schools lunch ladys, and a german dominatrix. The result is the "meat" found in your schools sloppy joes
Lunchlady: who wants some sloppy joes.. I made them extra sloppy for yous kids, cause i know yous likes em sloppy. hahahaha
by JDubz October 23, 2006
When a girl has diarrhea, and has anal sex. she then takes a runny dump mixed with semen on her partners face. they then est the mixture of his face with tortilla chips only to puke it back up into a bowl, in which they will then usually perform a Texas Chili Bowl.
Douchebag: dude me and christy did a moroccan mudslide, closely followed by a texas chili bowl

Douchebag2:Oh man you are so lucky dude christys a total freak

Otherguy: dude... your fucking weird
by JDubz October 23, 2006

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