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A word we like to use in the Lou (that STL)

Wads good Deerty
Wad up Derrty
Wads Poppin Derrty
by JC January 13, 2004
What the Blue Man Group are rumored to have.
I paid good money to see a show at the Luxor in Vegas and the best part was when they displayed their Blue Balls to the cheering audience.
by JC October 16, 2004
The main character of Hitman series. An assassin, cloned from 5 best criminals. Is bald, with barcode tatoo on back of his head. Dresses in black suit (with red tie). best known for using fibre wire and .45 silverbarrels. Sillent death, strikes precisely, kills only when absolutely nessesary. Great gardener and cataholic, gave that up when was forced out of retirement and betrayed by The Agency, his employer.
Mr. 47 is one of the best game characters. Also, one of the most silent.
by Jc June 16, 2006
When one has the oppertunity to complete and chokes horribly with some stupid excuse. Especially with a pussyass blister.
Player one Now that James is hurt will Pinkle play fullback?
Player 2 No he went out with a blister.
Player 1 O he must have a case of pussyitis.
by JC January 11, 2004
A community college in northen virginia for university rejects
I'm only going to nova, but I'm transfering next semester.
by JC May 27, 2004
the best indie rock band of the 90's (except for the pixies of course!) with Evan Dando as their front-man. Let's face it, Evan Dando was the fuckin' Lemonheads. Who knows or even cares about the rest of the goddam band.
the Lemonheads were one of the best bands ever...
by JC December 14, 2004
Formerley the Los Angeles Angels, changed teams name to California Angels. Disneyland then purchased the team and changed their name to the Anaheim Angels. Disneyland sold the team to Art moreno who attemted to change the teams name back to the Los Angeles Angels, but ran in to trouble when the City of Anaheim advised Mr Moreno a contract was signed with the the team, when it was owned by disneyland agreeing it would contribute money to restoration of Anaheim stadium if the Angels would keep the Anaheim in their team name.The City said it would challenge him in court to keep the name Anaheim. Art Moreno and his legal advisers found a loop hole and the new team is now called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Go Halos. A MLB baseball team
by JC February 02, 2005

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