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A girl with good fat exercises and eats healthily, this contributes to good fat which gives her a great ass, nice tits, and curves. This is the opposite from bad fat.

Getting the number of a girl like this would make your day, further would make your night ;)
*two guys chilling on the beach, staring at a girl*

R: o.O

J: O.o

*girl walks past*

J: O.O

R: O.O

J: ..my god, that's the best body i've ever seen!

R: yeah man! that's good fat with an A+ :D

J: hahahaha, we're sad... :p

R: yeah..... :D



#good fat #bat fat #hot #sexy #chill #lekkah #strak #kont
by j96 December 27, 2011
A girl with bad fat eats fast food every evening followed by a Ben&Jerry's. This contributes to bad fat which gives her a huge flat ass, hanging boobs, sticking out belly, and in the more severe cases a double chin.

These types of girls are bad catches and should be avoided, unless she is a friend of a hot girl of course...
T: Hey man, check out that girl's ass! I wish i could rip those jeans off and do her all night!

J: Nah man, that's bad fat... You don't want a sumo wrestler doing you all night do you?

T: Uh huh.. Then what's ..good fat hmm?

J: *Shows a picture of girlfriend on phone*

T: Whoah! Shit dude how'd you get a girl like that!? I mean, her body is perfect!

J: I've got my tricks ;)
#bad fat #good fat #ew #ugly #temur
by j96 December 27, 2011
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