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The act of driving a vehicle that has no (working) A/C with all the windows open or driving a convertible with the top down. Also can be used to describe a school bus that doesn't have a/c.
This bus doesn't have A/C so lets use the Mexican Air Conditioning
by j4991 October 20, 2011
A holiday in November that takes place in the United States where everything is closed for people to sit down and watch football and eat turkey, followed by Black Friday, a holiday to physically fight people over discounts and max out their credit cards to buy gifts for Christmas.
I am going to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving this year.
by j4991 November 24, 2011
The act of harassing members of your section in marching band either sexually, racially, by grade level, or just plainly being annoying.
"Hey you stupid freshmen, stay in step"
"Wow, <insert name here> are hot, do you want to play with my skin flute?" These are some examples of sectional harassment.
by j4991 November 11, 2011
When one flushes the toilet and the water splashes on your ass.
John took a crap and flushed, only to have a surface to ass missile right on his rear.
by j4991 November 20, 2011
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