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Any house/apartment/frat house/trailer/etc. which is used for individuals to crash (sleep, chill, hang out, lurk, etc.) for a period of time. In order to "crash", one must not actually live there (e.g. have their name on the lease, own said flophouse, etc.). Flophouses are typically used by college students, drug addicts, transients, vagrants, or other unsavory characters.

A flophouse may also be the home owned by the parents of a college student, who after being away at college, wishes to live as if he/she is still at college (e.g. staying out all night, returning just to crash at mom and dad's house, then leaving again), rather than conforming to the pre-college rules.
Example #1
Dude: (Talking to someone passed out face first on the floor of his college apartment) Hey man, who the hell are you? What do you think this is, a flophouse??

Bro: Sorry dude, I must have passed out for a minute.

Example #2
Mom: Where have you BEEN for the last three days? You come home just to sleep?? What do you think this is, a flophouse??!!

Son: What's your problem? I'm an adult now!
by J3553 November 01, 2007
Any individual who intrudes or does not belong- in a conversation, at a social gathering, or anywhere else. First popularized by Malachai, of "Children of the Corn".
Friend 1: "Yo, who invited him? Who's that guy lurking in the corner?"

Friend 2: "I don't know who that interloper is, dude."
by J3553 November 05, 2007
Any individual who does not belong in a social setting; an intruder; an interloper. Popularized by Malachai from "Children of the Corn".
Friend 1: "Hey, who is that dude?"

Friend 2: "Must be an outlander, man, I've never seen him."
by J3553 November 05, 2007
Like a pit stop, except done when driving on the road, too far from your home restroom. Typically happens on road trips, after a night of drinking, or else shortly after eating fast food.
Husband and wife are driving on the highway, the husband swerves the minivan into the rest area...

Wife: What are you doing?! We just ______ (ate, filled up the car with gas, etc.).

Husband: Sorry, gotta make a shit stop!
by J3553 October 30, 2007
A marketing ploy used to trick people, usually in order to make them believe that they need or must have a particular product- to be cool, healthy, happy, etc. Comes from the combination of 'gimmick' and 'image', because a gimmage is usually used when a company wants to change their product's image in order to sell more of it. Gimmages have been used for a long time, but even more so recently.
Products like Sobe's Lifewater and Vitamin Water...the gimmage is making you believe that these products are good for you and will make you more healthy- in fact you need them or you just won't get enough vitamins or have enough "life" in you.

Gatorade- forever marketed as a product to enhance your performance in sports or highly-active situations. Now they have Gatorade Tiger, because it will make you play like Tiger woods, and the whole 'G' renaming, meant to give Gatorade some street cred and make it more popular in the hood- to compete with Kool Aid and Little Hugs.

Anything sold in an infomercial.

Red Bull, other highly-caffeinated drinks, 5 Hour Energy...because one just won't have enough energy for anything without it. Our society is hectic today, but marketers have led us to believe that we NEED caffeine, and lots of it, in order to survive.

McDonald's, with trying to market themselves as healthy...they're still not.
by J3553 May 13, 2009
Trash, white trash, ghetto people...often loud, obnoxious, unintelligent, using improper English, and causing some kind of a ruckus or scene. Ideally this term is said with a New York accent, from where it originated.
Bob: I can't believe my girl cheated on me man!

Tony: Fuck that girl, bro, she's T-rash!!
by J3553 May 28, 2008
Anything that goes way beyond assinine; something really, really stupid (usually to describe something someone has done)
Woman: "What was he thinking? I can't believe he thought making that calendar of the guys at work was a good idea- and with the boss naked on the last page! How assinine!!"

Man: "No, that's what I call assi-ten!"
by J3553 December 17, 2009
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