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1 definition by j313123

Originally known as Ceylon while under British rule until 1972 which is when it gained its independence.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical paradise located just south of India.
The population is predominantly Buddhist with small proportions of Hindus and Christians. With the conclusion of the civil war between the Singhalese and the Tamils, Sri Lanka has great prospects; it already has the highest literacy rate in South East Asia (93%) as well as the highest capita per head. Sri Lanka also boasts a strong modern industrial economy.

The people of Sri Lanka are known to be friendly and placid, for example if their cricket team loses they will not take to the streets burning effigies and stoning the cricketers houses, as is often the case in India..

There are also very few occurrences of terrorist attacks compared with countries with a high proportion of Muslims (Pakistan) because most of the country follow more peaceful religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism which do not create extremists and are fully tolerant of other religions.
It is because of this that Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka are continuing to prosper while Pakistan is falling apart at the seams.
Indian : Hey i cant believe your team lost, isnt everyone back home going to be burning effigies of the players and throwing stuff at their houses?

Sri Lankan: no of course not ,we'll be disappointed but we don’t have to show it in that way. We have a lot of respect for our team and would never treat them like that.

India : Whatever man, seriously when India went out in the first round of the world cup in 2007 we burnt effigies of every player and smashed Dhonis house to pieces. Serves them right for playing so badly

Sri Lankan : Why would you do that? its just a game.
by j313123 June 24, 2009
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