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Domeski-(Noun) to have your own dick sucked; dome; head;gettin that neck
Yo this bitch the other day gave em that killa domeski yo it was great!
by j0ey March 16, 2006
Space Coast Area Transit
what the hell kind of abbreviation is SCAT
by j0ey August 05, 2003
Get On My Fat Ass Italian Sausage.
by j0ey August 05, 2003
Trick Ass Bitch
Gomfais_-Tab. see also Gomfais
by j0ey August 05, 2003
Yes. OkAy. Great. affirmative
Joey: Are you gay?
Mike: dA

add x0r to liven things up.
ex. dAx0r
by j0ey August 05, 2003
no. Negative. Yeah right.

knights who say NI
m1k3: Can I lick your balls?

j03y: Ni!
by j0ey August 08, 2003

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