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Fucking awesome team who are now the Colorado Avalanche. They are gnarly.
Dude he really Quebec Nordiqued it UP!
by j03 April 08, 2004

Wait thats three words.

Tim Cheveldae.
Duud NHL 94 is teh cool.
by j03 April 08, 2004
Most underrated player in NHL history. 1731 career games played, 549 career goals, 1249 career assists, 1798 career points, 2 Stanley Cup championships.

Played for-
Hartford Whalers- (1st pick, 4th overall) 1981-91
Pittsburgh Penguins- 1990-98 (Stanley Cups in 91' and 92')
Carolina Hurricanes- 1998-04
Toronto Maple Leafs- 2004

His number #10 was retired by the Carolina Hurricanes.
Man he's so good! He reminds me of a young Ron Francis!
by j03 February 13, 2006
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