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A face that has close distinctive resemblence to a male sexual organ. It could also be used to express extreme amounts of frustration and distraction. Its main use is to insult other members of the IBDP. Please use the word sparingly or it will naturally become a part of our everyday vocabulary. I strongly encourage students taking the IBDP to include the word in any of their courseworks as it will guarantee nothing less than a 7. Its founder, Alan, currently resides in Hong Kong and has recently found to have undergone a plastic surgery in order to look like a lunface. Such shocking news has increased the common usage of this word and it will seek to expand its geographical borders beyond Hong Kong and into other parts of the world.
Why are you sucha LUNFACE
I need to wash my LUNFACE
That LUNFACE takes IBDP, lets own him
I think I saw Alan, the LUNFACE today.
Lunface incoming! Everyone take cover!
by j.wong October 08, 2006
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