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4 definitions by j. alders

The stupidest word ever invented to express the concept of 'fun education.' It's pronounced like fudge-ucation.
People who use the word "fuducation" are neither fun nor educated.
by j. alders October 23, 2009
n. 1. A Halloween themed wedding, or funeral, or any other such ceremony. 2. Any ceremony where somebody dies or bad things happen!
I'm not going to the scaremony because, really, who the heck has a wedding on Halloween? Are they going to throw candy with needles in it instead of rice?
by j. alders October 17, 2009
A slang term for a calculator that sounds suspiciously like a slang term for a penis.
Customer: Excuse me, I'd like to buy a cheese log. How much does one cost?

Clerk: Hold on, let me whip out my cackalacker.

Customer: Well, I never! (Storms out of store).

Clerk: (To himself). I'm not good at math.
by j. alders October 23, 2009
N. Term that combines balcony, veranda, and patio.
Excuse me, gentlemen, I'm going out onto my barandio to smoke a cigarette, sit on my lounge chair, and then jump to my death. You can do that sort of thing on a barandio.
by j. alders October 26, 2009