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72 definitions by j-rob mad fresh

something to say when the guy your conversat'n with is mad trikkin
trikkin foo:yo, lil wayne is the most ill rapper ever
you:get real dude, he's a goon
by j-rob mad fresh April 09, 2010
112 12
to knock someone out in one hit, then fist-pump over their battered body
playa, i'm gonna bang you out one punch if you say one more thing
by j-rob mad fresh April 08, 2010
121 21
a statement of disgust or dissatisfaction
a gangsta got shot up in the face, then yelled what is this garbage?

to his homies
by j-rob mad fresh April 06, 2010
121 23
Cocky Overweight Overconfident Loser
That gangster is a C.O.O.L.
by j-rob mad fresh April 11, 2010
129 33
good, beastly, mad fresh, ill
blackburn:i bet i can shoot this paper into the trash can
brad:dude, that shot was cash
by j-rob mad fresh April 24, 2010
172 77
a goon aint nothin to a goblin. a goon is garbage
and we dont want no problems, ok youre a goon whats a goon to a goblin
by j-rob mad fresh April 23, 2010
129 34
To act more ill than possible by any normal person.
Did you see that gangster, he was chillin like a bird
by j-rob mad fresh April 05, 2010
108 13