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Doesnt matter. I dont care. Its not a big deal.
yea I know he beat me in that fight but it aint no thang but a chicken wang.
by J-lizzle June 20, 2005
The gangster way for wearing sandels. The only time you will catch a gangster wearing sandels is if its summer time and they are wearing some crispy (white) socks with some adidas or jordan or nike sandels. Shit is too GANGSTA. Old people think its gay but anybody who knows fashion knows is G as a mothafucka.
During the summer I rock nottin but socks and sandals my nigga.
by J-lizzle June 21, 2005
Hustlin'. Selling weed, sneakers, woman, what ever as long as its a hustle.
I be clockin' on the corner.
by J-lizzle June 20, 2005
Know-what-I-mean. All into one sound one word.
Yea the movie was good but the plot was so cliche knamean.
by J-lizzle June 20, 2005
The white part of town. A word usualy used by black people to talk about the white part of town but somtimes white people use it to describe where they live.
Oh I live off of Western Ave near the...I live in Whiteyville.
by J-lizzle June 21, 2005
A drug dealer with a family.
I'm a provider girl!
by J-lizzle June 21, 2005
Short for indubitably. It means deffenetly or fo sho.
So are you going to the party to morrow?

by J-lizzle June 21, 2005
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