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3 definitions by j-g

An obvoious mispelling of "shred the gnar"
Person 1:Wow, he just tried to shred the nar, but ate it.
Person 2: No, he tried to shred the G-N-A-R, you idiot.
by J-G September 24, 2006
54 25
(adj.)- To exist in actual, externalized reality but ultimately to be fake. Spurious yet believable.
Movie sets are realish: they exist, but they're not actually segments of the Starship Enterprise

See also: Realishism.
by j-g August 15, 2007
6 1
(n.)- The quality of being realish.
Disneyland is a fine example of realishism.
by j-g August 15, 2007
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