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a person or persons who have a 12 foot rod stuck up their ass
Fag: hey lets be douches and PMS at everyone like we have 12 foot rods stuck up our ass
by j steezy February 06, 2008
A word meaning Falling Down or Descending.

Also means in Greek, A Warrior

In Portugeuse, It means One Who Will Certainly Win The Olympics in Sex

Also in African CLick Language it means man who conqueres the tiger and makes it his bitch
Jordin: you know what my name means?

FAG: yea it means descending

Jordin: no way bitch! I won the fucking olympics in sex nigger
by J Steezy September 16, 2008
Black as the name Jamal or Tyrone.

whoa dude scope them niggz

whoa dude they are fucking Premium Dark

Yea dude supremely BLACK
by J Steezy September 16, 2008
a name for any mexican who smokes weed
Guy to friends: look at the mexican smoking weed!

guy to mexican: hey gonzalez, pass the doobie.

Mexican: Ttt. hey foo', back away way..
by j steezy April 17, 2008

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