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2 definitions by j shady

To dismiss or to say no to a request
can you get me that can over there?

Uhh Swerve
by j shady February 07, 2013
Main Entry: nig-ga-nese
Pronunciation: " ni-gah-'nEz "
Function: Noun.
Etymology: the concatenation of the following
1) the noun 'nigga': a derivation from the Spanish word 'negro' or Latin word 'niger' meaning 'black'
2) the adjective suffix '-ese': of or relating to a certain place or country of origin

1) A person of Asian descent whose skin resembles a dark color.
2) An Asian race whom members typically act as if they were of African or African-American origin.
Filipino. (e.g. That girl over there from xburg is a fine lookin' nigganese. Too bad her brothers are too thuggish.)
by J Shady October 26, 2006