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A godlike female Drag Racer
The girls in 2 Fast 2 Furious are Nakitas
by J N June 06, 2003
A obessive and addictive person who likes Everquest
I've been playing Everquest 10 days straight, i'm becoming a karaddin
by J N June 06, 2003
someone who is good at Tetris
BrasS is becoming a roorie
by J N June 06, 2003
Chris Rigge petri dish
Man my fourth yr looks like petri dish- has bacteria on face
by j n April 20, 2005
A person who is good at everything he does.
Rob wish he could be a BrasS but he's hasu.
by J N June 06, 2003
A middle-aged small headed man known as cleeeeeeve. also has a fur burger of a wife. cleeve as also likes to be gaynaded.
Man pilkington's gay
by j n April 20, 2005

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