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11 definitions by j man

to get caught checking out underage girls and then blame it on your poor eyesight
"When Brian saw three 14-year-olds walk by he drooled and we called him on a Peddy Eddie"
by J Man October 06, 2003
14 8
To fornicate while squatting in a manner that is quick and to the point.
There was very little to hide behind at the campground, so my girlfriend and I squffed behind a smll rock.
by J Man October 03, 2003
4 0
What a person who is not funny will say to try and impress someone
"I'm funny" said the jock.
by J Man October 06, 2003
10 11
when a man ejaculates into ones eye causing it to turn red - bloodshot
hey dude u red eyed me
by J man May 22, 2004
6 18
very shady, king shady
Damn that's shadizzle
by j man March 09, 2003
6 21
1.The final nail in the coffin of the terrible prequel to Star Wars.

2. To ruin a perfectly good trilogy with a special-effects, bluescreen-ridden, horrible cast selection prequel.
by J Man October 03, 2003
16 32
The Boston Red Sox
None needed
by J Man October 17, 2003
36 61