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an individual who enjoys funerals and attends as many as possible.
" That's the third time she's showed up this week. We've got another crepe hanger on our hands."
by J E Walker May 12, 2003
Worthy Oriental Gentleman
All Personel, South East Asia Theater of War:

Upon receipt and thereafter, you will cease refering to our allies as slopes, gooks, slants and yellow bastards and afford them the respect due to the worthy oriental gentlemen that they are.
Viscount Robert Mountbatten
Commanding General South East Asia
by J E Walker May 02, 2003
vomit (from regurgitate)
"Man, I just about gurg(ed) when I saw all that hair around her nipples."
by j e walker April 26, 2003
synthetic, salt free, environmentally friendly buggers for liberals to eat.
" Is that tofu or did the elephant blow his nose again?"
by J E Walker April 30, 2003
Adjective: suggesting proximity of elderly males.
" I was sittin' on the limp dick bench when I spotted a five dollar bill on the ground. I scooped it up."
by j e walker April 26, 2003
Buttfuck, Egypt: Refering to an extremely remote or obscure location.
Dang ol' Bobby-Ray's pickup busted an axle about twenty miles east of BFE
by J E Walker December 14, 2003
1. a fond name for persons of the African genotype;
2. A bowell movement (uk-regional).
" The 'appy darkie went to the loo and choaked off a darkie."
by J E Walker April 30, 2003

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