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Infinatessimally small unit of measurement.
"you can express the extent of my concern in microgivashits."
by j e walker April 27, 2003
1. Waldo Lydecker- ill-mannered drama critic in a movie staring Clifton Web'
2.pseudonym of an ill-mannered former gunwriter.
"Speir belives himself to be the custodian of critical and original thought but swiped his nom-de-plume from Clifton Webb."
by J E Walker May 18, 2003
to throw out:
1. parastaltic emptying of the seminal vesicles and ejection of seminal fluid;
2.a forceful verbal reaction
"It is better to ejacu-late than never, Jack ejaculated."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
1. Penis equipped with squeeze bulb and implant for manual erection;
2. a vibrating dildo.
"So she pulled a pink,irridescent robocock out of her purse."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
The subject of a failed attempt to teach American Sign Language to a chimpansee. Named after the communist linguistics professor Noam Chomski.
"Nim Chimpski demonstrated that chimpansees are definately stupider than gorillas."
by j e walker April 26, 2003
C4 and a fused cap in a shoe.
The shoebomb failed causing terrorists to begin work on the insidious buttbomb.
by J E Walker November 13, 2003
Systematic Study of Religious tenets.
Literaly "God +word " Gk: Theos/Logos.
" If lies are the tribute dishonesty pays to truth then theology is the tribute nonsense pays to sense.
by J E Walker May 04, 2003
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